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GoSnow Announces Ikon Pass Initiative and Additional Financial Support for the Chill Foundation

GoSnow to Donate $50 to Chill for Every Ikon Pass Sold Through GoSnow

Santa Monica, CA. (Oct. xx, 2021) GoSnow is thrilled to announce that as part of its COVID rebound initiative they will be donating $50 to the Chill Foundation for every Ikon season pass sold through the GoSnow platform. This is on top of the existing 2% of all revenue that GoSnow already donates to Chill. The donation applies to all pass types and is part of GoSnow’s community support of getting people back out onto the slopes and enjoying the wonders of winter.

“We’re in the business of enriching lives by helping people experience new things, outside and on snow. Snowboarding has been personally transforming for me and many others, so we are absolutely wrapped to partner with the Chill Foundation and support them in the amazing work they do with their youth programs and boardsports” said Sean Bellerby, GoSnow Founder and CEO. “For a business whose purpose it is to help people experience new and adventurous activities, working with Chill is a wonderful and fitting relationship. We are proud to do our small part in helping the Chill Foundation make snowboarding more accessible and a positive influence.”

“Chill is incredibly excited to launch our partnership with GoSnow this 2021/22 season! We are honored to work with a new company that is prioritizing social responsibility and board sports accessibility into their business model right out the gate,” said Lindsay O’Brien, Vice President of Global Operations for Chill. “Chill and GoSnow share a commitment to partnerships and community building as we work together to increase youth access to snowboarding across the globe.” The Ikon Pass This initiative provides a very compelling incentive for anyone yet to buy their Ikon pass. In addition to the donation, anyone who purchases their pass through GoSnow also gets a GoSNow membership valued at $60 that includes a $50 Burton gift card.

To purchase an Ikon pass through GoSnow and support the Chill Foundation visit gosnowpass.com.

About Chill

Chill’s mission is to inspire young people to overcome challenges through boardsports. Working with participants from marginalized communities and operating in 24 cities in 10 countries throughout the world, Chill programs pair core values curriculum with the excitement of learning snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and paddleboarding to promote personal growth and supportive community for those struggling with the negative circumstances that are holding them back. An important part of the Burton Snowboards family since inception in 1995, Chill’s positive youth development programs have served more than 30,000 young people by covering all costs and building strong alliances with schools, social service and juvenile justice programs, youth agencies, and boardsports partners.

Press Contact: Brittany Powell, Marketing Director, brittanyp@chill.org

About GoSnow

GoSNow is in the business of connecting people to new and exciting winter and snow sports experiences, and helping those who already have a snow sport passion to do it more often, in more places, for better value, when it suits them.

If you are a skier, snowboarder or just someone who loves adventure then the GoSnow platform will provide you access to an amazing selection of snow sports adventures at exceptional value you won’t find anywhere else.

The GoSnow platform also facilitates managed meet-ups with likeminded, fun loving and adventurous people so you don’t have to hit the slopes solo again.

Press Contact: Scott Caulfield, COO, scottc@gosnowpass.com

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