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Our Team

Chill's global headquarters is based in beautiful Burlington, Vermont, with a staff member representing Chill in each of our program cities.

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Aiden Gilbert (He/Him)

Operations Manager

Alex Wiktor (He/Him)

LA Program & Community Coordinator

Alexa Alagon (She/Her)

Events Coordinator

Alistair Thomson (He/Him)

Senior Program Manager

Amanda Westra (She/Her)

Senior Program Manager

Anne-Laure Pernée (she/her)

Director of Chill Europe

Ashley Thomas (He/Him)

Bronx Program & Community Coordinator

Bailey Monty (She/Her)

Grants Manager

Ben Clark (He/Him)


Benjamin Schwarz

Chill Germany Coordinator

Brittany Powell (She/Her)

Director of Marketing & Communications

Carlee Heger

Seattle Program & Community Coordinator

Cindy Davis (She/Her)

Development Database Manager

Dallon Williams (He/Him)

SLC Program & Community Coordinator

Dave Wadleigh (He/Him)

Digital Marketing & Design Manager

Emily Styles (She/Her)

Systems Program Manager

Frances Macallister (She/Her)

Senior Director of Individual & Foundation Giving

Gabe Strand (He/Him)

Burlington Program & Community Coordinator

Hailey Dubuque (She/Her)

Partner Contracts Manager

Halle Brown (She/Her)

Reno/Tahoe Program & Community Coordinator

Jack Hochberg (He/Him)

Portland Program & Community Coordinator

Kaelen Smith (He/Him)

Vancouver Program & Community Coordinator

Kalina Foster (She/Her)

West Michigan Program & Community Coordinator

Karlos Jeri (He/Him)

Content Marketing Manager

Katja Middelhoff

Chill Germany Coordinator

Kenyetta Riddick

Baltimore/DC Program & Community Coordinator

Laura Meier

Chill Austria Coordinator

Lindsay O’Brien (She/Her)

VP of Global Operations

Marco Ferragina


Marwa Saleem (she/her)

Toronto Program Facilitator

Meta Manguy (She/Her)

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Michaela Schmid (She/Her)

Chill Switzerland Coordinator

Morgan Burns (She/Her)

Operations Coordinator

Nikki Tardiff (she/her)

Senior Director of Development

Roopal Patel (She/her)

VP of Finance

Rosetta Weber (She/Her)

VP of Global Programs

Ryan Daudelin (He/Him)

Events Manager

Seth Chestnut

Burlington Program & Community Coordinator

Silvia Zucchiatti (She/Her)

Chill Italia Coordinator

Spencer Cotton (He/Him)

Finance Manager

Stephanie McMahon (She/Her)

Toronto Program & Community Coordinator

Zach Pierre-Louis

Denver Program & Community Coordinator

Zrenda Smith (She/Her)

Boston/Manchester Program & Community Coordinator

OUR Board

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Our Ambassadors

Chill ambassadors are pro and amateur athletes that are the best of snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and paddleboarding on and off a board. Ambassadors are stoked to share their wisdom, ride with Chill youth, and use their visibility to drive Chill’s mission.

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