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Chill Switzerland launched in 2022 in partnership with Laax. Chill Switzerland operates year-round with snowboard and skateboard programs for youth 11-19 years old. We work with various schools, youth agencies, social programs, and boardsports partners to provide these programs with all associated costs covered.   

Our programs use the process of learning boardsports, an
experiential learning cycle, and a core value-driven curriculum to help youth
grow personally and see that there is a path out of their current
circumstances. To learn more, our program approach page HERE.



There’s nothing quite like sliding on a board in the snow and succeeding at your first turns. More importantly, there’s nothing like the moment when you realize you’re capable of a lot more than you imagined, and that’s why snowboarding is so perfectly aligned to aid in self-empowerment and growth.


Skateboarding provides unmatched accessibility, unique challenge, a vast community, and an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment. Anywhere there’s a hard surface you’ll find a tight knit group of skaters, supporting each other and pushing their personal boundaries, and that’s exactly what Chill’s skate programs bring to the youth.

Our Team

Michaela Schmid (She/Her)

Chill Switzerland Coordinator

Our Partners

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Get Involved With Chill!

There are lots of ways to get involved with Chill. Click the link below to learn more.

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