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Ed Tech Start Up, Kikori App, teams up with the Chill Foundation to combat the mental health crisis among U.S. Teens.

Ed Tech newcomer, Kikori (App), is teaming up with the Chill Foundation to combat the teen mental health crisis by building youth empowerment.

Kikori provides a curated list of activities which are designed to build resiliency through inspiring a strong sense of community, connection, and self esteem, all while learning to ride boards. The Chill Foundation plans to leverage Kikori’s easily accessed activities with their Board Sports Youth Development Program and Community Coordinators.

The partnership between Kikori and the Chill Foundation is a natural fit as each day of the Chill program begins and ends with icebreakers, energizers, and reflection designed to build respect, courage, patience, persistence, responsibility and pride. Kikori activities are authored by luminaries in the Experiential Learning space, and also by fellow Kikori users.

Kikori provides the Chill Foundation leaders with a powerful platform to provide easy access to high quality activities for their daily programming while creating “productive downtime” when students are riding the bus, waiting for equipment, and eating lunch. 

“I was thrilled when I learned that the Chill Foundation was using Kikori team building activities with their youth.  I have a special place in my heart for snowboarding as I used to take the bus to our local mountain in northern Michigan growing up, and I know the feelings of confidence when you are finally able to carve down the mountain.  Chill’s dedication to increasing joy and connection match Kikori’s mission to democratize access to experiential education, and together we believe we can positively impact more youth,” Kendra Bostick, Kikori Co-founder and CEO. 

“Chill is proud to partner with companies like Kikori who are prioritizing equitable access for young people to experience so many of the positive mental health benefits available in outdoor experiential education.  Together we are building a future for youth where a sense of belonging and community is intrinsic to having fun outside on a board.” Ben Clark, CEO, Chill Foundation.

Kikori’s partnership with Chill has been kicked off in 18 locations across the United States, Canada, Italy and Switzerland. It began with snowboarding this past winter and has moved into skateboarding, surfing and stand up paddleboarding this spring and summer!

Together, Kikori and Chill are working to combat the teen mental health crisis through fostering resiliency, a sense of belonging, and self esteem.


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