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Author: karlosj

New 2022 Snow Ambassadors

Chill is so psyched to announce our newest 2022 Snow Ambassadors! A huge Chill welcome to: Rob Roethler, Mark Sollors, Danny Davis, Niels Schack, Mark McMorris and Anna Gasser! Thank

Vancouver: Tofino Adventure Camp

Our Chill participants in Vancouver had an incredible opportunity this past summer to explore and surf on Vancouver Island with a crew of professional snowboarders and surfers. Thank you Tofino

National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

This Thursday, October 15, marks the end of National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, and we wanted to finish it out by taking a look back at the history and importance of

National Coming Out Day

Today, October 11, is National Coming Out Day. Although it’s not a well-known holiday for some, National Coming Out Day is an important day for many members and allies of

“Now We Act” Follow-Up

This post is a follow-up to our Now We Act post from June 12, 2020. As a positive youth development organization, it is imperative that our work, and our board

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