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Eligibility and Requirements

Agencies are eligible to apply with Chill if they work with youth from marginalized communities. Chill encourages and celebrates diversity of youth participants including and not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background and mental health. Chill typically works with youth coming from a number of different challenging situations and backgrounds, including youth living in poverty, in group homes or foster care, in the juvenile justice system, and youth dealing with trauma and mental illness. See below for additional youth eligibility and requirements.

Chill provides the tools and the energy, but we need you and your agency’s youth to be fully engaged and participate throughout program.  Full engagement leads to youth benefiting from Chill’s unique core value-driven experiential approach. Please only apply to a Chill program after confirming that every date and make up date can be attended by your agency.

Agencies are required to commit to the full program and must adhere to the following:

  • Complete an agency application for each program, including payment of $55-$75 application fee
  • Responsible for all agency youth at all times during program 
  • Provide agency leads at a 1:8 adult/youth ratio 
  • Provide 1 On-Call Agency Lead per program who is reachable and available during all program times.  
  • Select “back-up youth” in case youth spots open up within the first 2 days of Core programs and first day of Discover programs.  
  • Complete/submit all program forms for agency leads, on-call agency leads, and youth by adhering to paperwork deadlines prior to the start of program
  • When selecting youth to participate agencies must provide gender and race and ethnicity equity  
  • Provide food/snacks for agency youth during program 

An Agency Lead is an employee or vetted representative from the agency that is directly responsible for their agency’s youth and themselves.


  • Current background check is on file with their agency 
  • Attend mandatory Chill orientation 
  • Submit Agency Lead Registration form prior to program, adhering to deadlines set by Chill 
  • Take full responsibility for supervision and support of agency youth, mediate agency youth behavioral challenges, and ensure that participants follow through with the rules/requirements of each program. 
  • Participate alongside youth at program in ALL activities
    • Agency Leads are required to participate in the boardsport* at hand regardless of skill level or prior experience.  Please contact Chill if accommodations for Agency Leads are requested. *Exceptions can be made for skateboarding.
    • Chill provides gear and instruction for Agency Leads to participate.
    • Boardsport use only (no scooters, skis, etc.). A great opportunity to learn something new!
  • In the event of an emergency, Agency Leads are responsible for their youth
  • Help administer the Chill OBE (Outcome Based Evaluation) youth survey on the last day of program. 

An On-Call Agency Lead is a back-up for the Agency Lead. All Agency Lead requirements also apply to On-Call Agency Leads.


  • Every agency must assign/complete paperwork for at least 1 On-Call Agency Lead per program 
  • On-Call Agency Leads will be utilized to fill in if their Agency Lead cannot attend program and in the event of an emergency to help with transportation and/or youth supervision
  • Must be reachable by phone and available to attend programs in an emergency during program timeframe 

Youth participants are from marginalized communities and have been identified by their agency as someone who will benefit from Chill’s unique program.


  • Must be between the ages of 11-19 as of the first day of program
  • Must have the availability to attend a full program (6 days for a Core program, 3 days for a Discover program) 
  • Has currently or previously faced challenges as someone from a marginalized community/identity, including and not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background and mental health 
  • Must be ready and willing to participate in the Chill program as both an individual and as part of a diverse group  
  • Must be physically and emotionally able to participate in the program 
  • For all programs, agencies must create racial and ethnic equity within their selection of youth to enroll in Chill that reflects their communities.
  • For all-gender programs, agencies must create gender equity within their selection of youth to enroll in Chill that reflects their communities. Learn more about Gender Recruitment HERE. 

Back-Up Youth meet the above criteria for youth participants and are on the agency’s waitlist for potential openings.


  • Every accepted agency must select a minimum of 1 back-up youth for every Chill program (exceptions for Custom programs)
  • All necessary paperwork will be filled out for back-up youth  
  • Back-up youth will be asked to join on an “as-need basis” anytime leading up to the program or within the first 2 days of Core programs and 1st day of Discover programs.

A Peer Leader assists Chill staff and program mentors with program delivery and acts as a “Chill Champion” during programming to assist and motivate other participants.


  • Peer Leaders must be calculated into an agency’s 1:5 agency lead to youth required ratio
  • Peer Leader candidates should be selected based on good attendance, attitude, and performance during their time at Chill  
  • Past Chill youth participants are eligible to return as a Peer Leader in the same sport they’ve participated in previously

Chill staff are experienced program coordinators that have a passion for our mission and live within cities that Chill has programs. Through they work at Chill, they:


  • Educate participants on all Chill’s core value through boardsport activities 
  • Facilitate all Chill program operations for participating agencies/youth, including attendance, bus pick-up/drop-off, gear-up/gear-down, coordinating lesson groups 
  • Manage communication with agencies, transportation companies, and program partners 
  • Collect all paperwork for Chill and program partner for participation in the program
  • Follow Chill’s Emergency Response Plan in the event of an emergency 
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Get Involved With Chill!

There are lots of ways to get involved with chill. click the link below to learn more.