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Gender Recruitment

At Chill we strive to bridge the gender gap in boardsport participation by supporting our youth agencies in gender recruitment strategies. We believe all youth and all genders should have an equal opportunity to ride, and we’re here to provide the space for them to succeed. Chill’s goal is to close the accessibility gap by creating an equitable gender ratio at our co-ed programs; hosting girls, non-binary and trans programs; and creating safe spaces for these youth to learn and grow together.

How can you bridge the gender gap in youth boardsport participation? Here’s more information!

  • Providing an opportunity for all genders to participate and engage, with the focus on selecting and accepting youth from more than 1 gender to be included in your roster of participants.
  • To have an overall youth enrollment that is 50% representative of gender minorities in all-gender programs.
  • Gender minorities are identified genders that are not of the most privileged and dominant category of gender.
  • Here are examples of gender minorities:
    1. Cisgender, female: A female-identifying individual whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth
    2. Transgender, female: A female-identifying individual who was assigned male at birth
    3. Transgender, male: A male-identifying individual who was assigned female at birth
    4. Non-binary: A spectrum of gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine – identities outside the gender binary
    5. Two-spirit: An English term that an Indigenous person might identify as, meaning a person who walks between genders, or who is gender unique
  • Gender is: Socially constructed roles and behaviors that our society typically associates with males and females. The gender binary of male and female are usually based on someone’s anatomy. But there are many more genders than those two (some listed above), that break the gender binary and allow for a more diverse identity.
  • Gender identity is: How a person feels and who they know themselves to be when it comes to their gender.
  • Sexual orientation is: A person’s sexual identity in relation to the gender in which they’re attracted to.
  • Both gender and sexual identity can be marginalized, however we do not assume someone who identifies in a minority gender to also have a marginalized sexual identity.
  • Queer is: Both a gender and/or sexual identity, as included in the LGBTQ+ acronym. It is a term for anyone outside of the heterosexual norm and meant to be inclusive and create a sense of acceptance and community.
  • Sharing gender pronouns at programming
  • Using gender-neutral terms and language
  • Using someone’s chosen name
  • Queer and Transgender flags as a symbol for solidarity and allyship
  • Statements of gender acceptance + enrollment on all program material
  • Investing time into gender minority outreach
  • Start a new youth group at your location that is focused on girls, non-binary, queer or transgender youth
  • Are there any clubs or groups for girls, non-binary, queer or transgender youth at your agency? Consider doing a presentation about Chill or connecting the staff overseeing these groups.
  • Ask other staff/teachers for Chill referrals of youth of gender minorities.
  • If you create flyers or handouts for your Chill recruitment, add something like this: “Girls are highly encouraged to participate!” and include pictures of girls snowboarding, skateboarding, etc.
  • Ask Chill for support on recruitment materials and media.
  • A simple ask of encouragement. Some youth may be too shy or feel like the opportunity is not a good fit for them. A personal ask to specific youth can go a long way.
  • Do you have email or in-person communication with parents or guardians? Highly encourage parents and guardians of girls, non-binary, queer and transgender youth to sign their kids up for Chill (pending you aren’t outing them to their parents).
  • Are there any female-focused, non-binary, queer or transgender organizations in your community that you could partner with or refer to Chill?

Please feel welcomed to ask your Program Coordinator to come visit your youth and talk to them about Chill, and the many ways we create a safe, diverse and inclusive space for youth participants!

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