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In each of our programs, we serve anywhere from 40-50 youth in one program day. Although we have excellent local managers and outstanding sport instructors, our sites could never operate without volunteers. We work with volunteers for both program as well as fundraising and marketing projects.

Tips for our Volunteers

If you’re applying to volunteer at our programs, you will be required to submit for a criminal background record check. This is our way of ensuring a safe and positive environment for our youth. You will also be required to complete a liability and ethics waiver. In order to volunteer for our program, you must be available for a minimum of three consecutive programs. This is an important step to creating consistency for our participants.

Be creative! Just because we don’t already do it, doesn’t mean we won’t ever do it. We love hearing your ideas for programming and fundraising. Volunteer feedback is important for us as we grow our programs. 

In addition to helping out with our snow, surf, SUP, and skate programs, we are always looking for help with our fundraising events across North America and are especially in need of volunteers who have an interest in marketing. We love it when volunteers offer to help out with photography, videography, and social media at our sites too. 

Interested in volunteering?  Fill out our online application below! 

Chill made me proud of myself for getting this far. 
 I think I would take up any other challenge the world 
 has to offer me.