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Chill Vancouver annually operates 3-signature Positive Youth Development programs. Our target demographic are youth 10-18 years old, from vulnerable neighbourhoods & households, those struggling with mental health & addiction, new comers & refugees, and youth living in care. We use the power of boardsports to build confidence & self-esteem, and provide a safe & inclusive space for learning with positive adult mentorship. 

Chill uses Positive Youth Development (PYD) techniques throughout our programs to inspire youth working through adversity, and support them with opportunities to build resiliency through every aspect of their lives. We run snowboarding, skateboarding and paddleboarding programs in the winter, fall and summer seasons, reaching 160+ local youth in our communities. Our programs utilize 6 core-values, where each value is introduced to the youth through discussion, hands-on activity, and on-board progression and mastery.

Our themes are: Respect, Courage, Patience, Persistence, Responsibility, and Pride.


Located at Cypress Mountain Resort, our 6-day snowboard program runs two evenings a week from January-March. The entire program, including transportation, equipment, lessons and lift tickets, are provided at no cost to the youth involved. Program participants meet at Thunderbird Community Center in Vancouver, and ride as a group to and from the mountain. The coach bus ride is used to facilitate our daily discussions and activity.


Our six-day skateboard program takes place September-November, running two after-school sessions for 6-weeks. The entire program costs are covered for participants, including equipment, safety gear and skate park lessons. Program participants will meet at the Flatspot Longboard Shop, and learn as a group indoors and outdoors. We facilitate our daily discussions and activity at the shop.

Stand-Up PaddleBoard

Our six-day paddleboard program takes place July-August, running three morning sessions for 6-weeks at Ecomarine Paddlesports The entire program costs are covered for participants, including equipment, safety gear and on-water lessons. Program participants will meet at Granville Island, and learn as a group on-water. We facilitate our daily discussions and activity on-land.


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Thanks to the Jumpstart Charity we have been able to acquire some moveable, portable skate park features! These will emmensely help us to facilitate and teach our skateboard programs wherever and whenever we can. Check out freshpark.com to see what they offer.

Do you want a Skateboard Session to happen in your neighbourhood, school, or community center? Contact mandip@chill.org!

The students that we brought were not our highly motivated students. We picked them because we wanted to expose them to the world outside of their world as a way to extrinsically motivate them. During the time of snowboarding, they did not miss school and looked for me each and every Thursday!
— Teacher

Our Host Mountain

Cypress Mountain Resort

Chill Vancouver is excited to partner with Cypress Mountain Resort again for the 2018 season!

We use our time on the ride up to Cypress Mountain Resort to introduce the weekly themes through an activity, and reinforce the concept during our time on the mountain with instructors & mentors. This structure allows participants to make meaningful connections to the curriculum while experiencing the innate joy of snowboarding.

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We work with over 25+ agency partners throughout Metro Vancouver in the Lower Mainland and Northshore communities. These include alternative schools, development schools, youth mental health centers, youth outreach facilities, at-risk Community Centres, ESL students & Neighbourhood Houses.


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Mandi Parkes, Community & Incusion Manager | mandip@chill.org

Born in Toronto, ON, Mandi now lives in Vancouver, BC. Mandi has completed an Honors Bachelor of Science, HK, at the University of Ottawa, and a Sport & Event Marketing diploma at George Brown College. She is currently completing a Dialogue & Civic Engagement Certificate with SFU. Mandi has her CASI Level 1, and has been a certified instructor for the past 8 years. Though her passion for boardsports started with snowboarding, you can now find her shredding the waves and the skateparks too. First tape: Green Day – Dookie.