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Halle Brown

Halle Brown

Reno Program & Community Coordinator

Where you live now?

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Now living in Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Professional/Educational Background?

Bachelor’s in communications and health sciences through Arizona State University. Using mind, body and soul approach to education and professional ventures within outdoor recreation, art and music local youth program facilitation! Ski/snowboard instructing has been my winter go-to, extracurricular wilderness/first AID classes are my jam and I’m inspired by volunteer opportunities, Youth and everything nature. Excited to have gotten to combine that with my work!


Preferred boardsport and favorite place to do it?

Snowboarding is my soul sport and I’m happy to do it anywhere – exploring new mountains are the best. BUT, riding upper bowl, in America’s largest night riding terrain offered on my own Mt. Hood Skibowl under the lights is somethin’ else!


First tape, CD or vinyl ever bought?

My first Vinyl from a record store in Portland had to be The Eagles, so I could listen to Hotel California on repeat- thanks Dad!

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