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Danielle Black Lyons

Danielle Black Lyons

Board of Directors

Danielle is from Berkeley, California and now resides with her family in Oceanside, California. A west coast girl at heart, Danielle attended Linfield University in Oregon where she received her BA in communication and also met her husband. She grew up skiing the mountains in Tahoe, Mt Hood and Whistler and spending her weekends surfing the cold Pacific Ocean. Today, Danielle is a free surfer and an ambassador for ROXY, Stewart Surfboards and Birdom Surfboards. She works as a content creator and broadcast captioner providing transcription services to the Deaf and hard of hearing community. She is a co founder of Textured Waves, a surf collective created to promote the sport of surfing towards women of color with an aim to shift the narrative in modern day surf culture. Her first cassette tape was SWV, “It’s about time”

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