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Ashley Thomas

Ashley Thomas

Bronx Program & Community Coordinator

Original hometown?

Corona, Queens


Where you live now?

Williamsbridge , BRONX


Professional/Educational Background 

I graduated from Flushing High School in Queens. Then attended college at Western Connecticut State University.  

I found snowboarding later in life, starting at the age of 30. After 3 years I became a snowboard instructor at Hunter Mountain, NY. Worked 4 years teaching and attained Level 1 certification, before pivoting into snowboard sales. 

Now, I manage a snowboard shop, run ski trips for a bus company, and volunteer teaching snowboarding to underprivileged children from Brooklyn. Completely immersed in the NYC snowboarding culture and community. 


Preferred boardsport and favorite place to do it?

Snowboarding, it was literally a life changing experience for me. 

(I downhill longboard in the summer, to pretend I’m snowboarding)



ICE COAST for life… 


First tape, CD or vinyl ever bought?

I became a vinyl DJ in Junior High School, and dj’ed well after College. First practice doubles I purchased was “Ain’t No Half Stepping”, by Big Daddy Kane. 

Mountain Graphic

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