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Chill Reno is launching our first pop-up snow program for the fall 2018 season with Boreal Mountain Resort and Woodward Tahoe! Through these programs, we teach important life lessons like Respect, Patience, Persistence, Courage, Responsibility, and Pride. Chill works with youth from low-income communities, juvenile justice, mental health, drug treatment, transitional housing, foster care, and after-school programs to overcome challenges they are facing in their everyday lives.

Chill gives our kids opportunities to participate in sports they may not be able to do on their own, and reinforces great life skills like respect and not giving up. It’s also just really fun!
— Dave, Chaperone, King Street Youth Center

OUR snow partner

Boreal Mountain Resort & Woodward Tahoe

Our Reno program is excited to partner with Boreal Mountain Resort for our first pop-up snow program! Boreal is also our first mountain partner to offer free season passes to its participants so they can continue to progress even after the six week program is over. 


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Mandi Parkes, Regional Manager