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Chill was FOUNDED in 1995 by Jake and Donna Carpenter,
Founders of Burton Snowboards. 



Chill has served more than 25,000 young people since the program began, working with approximately 1,900 youth annually.  We work with social service agencies, mental health agencies, foster care programs, juvenile justice programs, and schools in local communities to select youth participants.  Everything is provided to the youth at no cost. 

We focus on the resiliency of our participants to help them reach their full potential and see that there is a path out of their current circumstances. Their current situation doesn't have to define them or determine their path in life; Chill helps them to realize alternatives beyond the struggles they face. 



Changing lives since 1995


Since inception, Chill has grown to 15 cities across North America, and several international affiliate programs in Italy, Austria, Australia, Japan, and the Czech Republic. We run programs at 15 sites: Baltimore, Boston, Burlington, Chicago, D.C., Denver, Detroit, Salt Lake City, New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Reno, Seattle, Vancouver, and Toronto. Participants range in age from 10-18 years old.  

The Chill program embodies the latest Positive Youth Development (PYD) best practices to ensure participating youth build resiliency through targeted lessons and challenging physical activities.


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We regularly hear from agencies and parents that Chill’s programs are positively impacting many of the youth we work with. You can view our annual report here, see highlights below, or click the button for past year's annual and program reports.  


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