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Chill NYC was established in 1998, three years after Chill’s inception in Burlington, Vermont. Since our first season, Chill NYC has served more than 1,000 youth across New York City. In 2013, Chill NYC launched its inaugural Summer Surf Program. Our goal is to continue to work with more youth across New York City; helping them to build self-esteem and life skills through participation in snowboarding and other boardsports. We believe our program has a transforming effect on how youth view their own potential and the possibilities in their lives.


Located at Mountain Creek, NJ, our on-snow program operates on Tuesday and Wednesday nights with participant pick-up sites in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The entire program is provided at no cost to the youth or agencies involved.



Chill NYC runs two skateboarding programs throughout the year, one during the summer and the other during the fall. Locations vary depending on participating agencies and their accessibility to local skate parks.


Our surf host, Skudin Surf, helps us each summer to show a new group of Chill NYC participants the joys of getting out on the water at Rockaway Beach.  


The Latest from Chill NYC



apply to our 2019 fall skateboarding program!

The application for our 2019 Fall Skateboarding program is now available!

This program will run from 3:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. on Wednesdays at SKATEYOGI. Our first day will be Wednesday October 16th.

To apply click here or reach out to NYC Program Coordinator, Alexis Trainor, at alexist@chill.org for more information.


In the future, I will learn more about life. Like life, snowboarding is not easy, but the more I learn, the more I live.
— Rami, Chill Snowboarding Participant

Our Host Mountain

Mountain Creek Resort

Chill New York is stoked to partner with Mountain Creek again for the 2019 season!

We use our time on the ride up to Mountain Creek Resort to introduce the weekly theme through an activity, and reinforce the concept during our time on the mountain. This structure allows participants to make meaningful connections to the curriculum while experiencing the innate joy of snowboarding.

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Our Local Partners


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Miranda Writes

New York City-based indie artist Miranda Writes creates lyrically-focused hip-hop with an eclectic sound that crosses multiple genres and decades. Inspired by 90's hip-hop and contemporary music, Miranda has a modern yet back-to-the basic sound powered by original lyrics. In January of 2018, Miranda Writes’ 2017 album Know Your Worth was awarded the 2018 Rap Album of the Year, by the Warlock Asylum.  As of October 1, 2018, Miranda Writes’ remixed single “Too Blessed” has reached the top ten in the pop singles of Digital DJ Pool, a popular platform for DJs to discover new music.

 During the winter, when not on the mic, Miranda loves to snowboard, which opens new commercial markets  in snowboarding fashion and fitness.  Miranda has found a unique freedom in snowboarding and believes it’s important to learn how to drown out the noise. Ultimately, her goal is to make a positive impact on the music industry, fans, and the world. For that reason, Miranda could not be more excited to support and inspire underserved youth as an ambassador for The Chill Foundation.

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Alexis Trainor (she/her) | NYC Program Coordinator | alexist@chill.org 

Alexis is originally from Lake Ronkonkoma, NY and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. She received a B.A. in Psychology from Purchase College and later obtained a M.S. in Social Work from Columbia University. Alexis is licensed to practice social work in the state of New York. Snowboarding is her favorite boardsport and all-around favorite activity. Her go-to mountain has always been Killington, VT. Alexis’ first CD was probably Aaron Carter – Aaron’s Party.