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We’re joining the Global Climate Strike

Join us in taking action on September 20th for the Global Climate Strike. Following the lead of Greta Thunberg and students everywhere, we’re closing our business to march together and send a message that we want action on the climate crisis. As our co-founder, Donna Carpenter, said in an email to employees:

“The Amazon is literally on fire, the seas are rising and glaciers are melting. I’m proud to have Burton and Chill join Greta’s movement to draw attention to this global crisis.”

If you can’t march, you can still get involved. At Chill we work to support youth to build brighter futures, and since youth created this Climate Strike, let’s follow their lead! We’ve put together a list of ways to show your support, including and outside of the march.

  • Listen to Greta: be prepared to get inspired…and fired up.

  • Why a strike?

  • Adult Allies Guide

  • Check out the map here or the one here to find an event in your city

    • Our friends at Burton Snowboards will be closing down their stores and using them as gathering places on the morning of September 20th where people can make signs and walk to nearby marches.

  • Here’s some other events taking place throughout “Climate Week” Friday Sept 20-27.

  • Write your Senators and Representatives – it’s easy!

  • Take this quiz to learn more about the biggest culprits of climate change and what part you can play. Some of it may surprise you!

  • Educate yourself and others: Talk about it

  • Consume less – are there ways you could change your consumerism habits? Conscious consumerism is important, but let’s take it even a step further…less is more.

  • Drive less – park the car and walk, ride your bike, or take public transportation instead.

  • Eat less meat – have you tried Beyond Meat products? Apparently they’re all the rage.

We’re proud to stand with Greta and everyone else fighting for the planet, and we hope you’ll stand with us.

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