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Skate Girls of Kabul Inspire Skateboarding in Toronto

Award-winning British photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson travelled to Afghanistan in the summer of 2013 and the summer of 2014 to document young girls participating in a unique program called Skateistan — an international NGO founded in 2009 in Kabul, Afghanistan, to provide girls with a place to skate safely and a route into education.

Fulford-Dobson visited Skateistan for a total of six weeks and her engaging photographs from her time there deftly undermine cultural, religious, and gender stereotypes. Collected in a book called Skate Girls of Kabul and now exhibited in the Aga Khan Park, these photographs present an uncomplicated celebration of childhood and girl power.

Alongside the exhibit, the Chill Foundation held a pop-up skate park on Sept. 16 at the Aga Khan Park where over 40 kids learned to skateboard for free. You can read more about the exhibit and Chill’s pop-up skate park here.

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