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Chill’s First Online Auction

Chill has launched an online auction! Throughout the month of October, we’ll be auctioning off a snowboard signed by Phish, a limited edition Jim Pollock graphic snowboard (6 of 25), and a D’Angelico EX-SS guitar. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to programming!


D’Angelico EX-SS Guitar
Never underestimate a lightweight. The EX-SS packs a lot of punch in its 15-inch body, the smallest of all the D’Angelico archtops. Truly a versatile instrument, the EX-SS boasts a rich, full-bodied low-end when on the neck pickup, and a powerful mid-range on the bridge pickup. High-output Kent Armstrong humbuckers deliver crisp attack and balanced resonance, making the EX-SS perfect for live settings. The signature D’Angelico stairstep trapeze-style tailpiece offers style and purpose, providing comfortable string tension for bluesy bends. The EX-SS shines when kept clean or boosted with overdrive, ideal for R&B, jazz, rock, and all the nameless places in between.

2005 Burton Fish 160 snowboard 
This board is autographed by Phish. The board includes signatures from Trey Anastasio, Johnathan Fishman, Mike Gordon, and Page McConnell. This is a one-of-a-kind item that is perfect for any music lover.

2007 Custom X Series 13 Burton Snowboard
This is your chance to own an extremely rare Jim Pollock Custom X Series 13 Burton snowboard. This special edition board is number 6 of only 25 made with Jim Pollock’s illustration called “Wardencliffe East”. An alternative reality of China adopting Nikola Tesla energy distribution, like his unfinished Wardencliffe, NY coil. These boards were made especially for Chill back in 2007 and feature Series 13 technology and are 156cm in length.

For more information or to check out these items and bid, click here! 

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