We're constantly evaluating Chill to make sure we're making the biggest impact possible on the widest group of youth. This has evolved into two "next generation" programs; ALPs (Alumni Leaership Programs) and Chill Discover Programs. 


Alumni Leadership Programs (ALPs)

Overall goal of ALPs:
To inspire boardsport passion & build leadership skills in Chill Alumni youth

How do ALPs differ from signature Chill Programs:
These select leadership youth will act as leaders during Chill's boardsport programs, and additionally gain valuable knowledge in the respective industry through opportunities to complete certifications & meet industry mentors

Overall structure of ALPs:
Program leadership + job shadow/industry, mentorship + boardsport trip/additional coaching/certification

Target demographic for ALPs:
Youth must have attended & completed one of our signature 6-day boardsport programs and be between the ages of 16-19 years old

Fee & how to get involved:
No fee to participate, leader positions are selected via a nomination process by Chill Coordinators and Agency Leaders


Chill Discover Programs

Overall goal of Discover Programs:   
Provide an opportunity for partner agencies and youth to explore Chill’s philosophy through an introductory program

How do Discover programs differ from signature Chill Programs:
Discover programs run for 3 days and are limited to skate, surf and SUP (no snowboarding discover programs). The curriculum is tailored to introduce skill development and Chill’s core values

Overall structure of Discover Programs:
Through the sequence of: learning a new skill + progression + mastery, we hope to get youth and agencies hooked on Chill and inspire them to expand their participation in one of Chill’s signature 6-day boardsport programs

Target demographic for Discover Programs:
Age 10-18, no prior experience/beginner boardsport skill level

Fee & how to get involved:
There is a $55 agency application fee. Prior to each program, Chill staff will send out an email to current/interested agencies with an application link. Agencies can also reach out to the local Chill Coordinator or chill@chill.org to inquire about running an exclusive Discover program for their agency (additional fees may apply)