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Chill DC/Baltimore runs skate and snowboarding youth development programs for youth between the ages of 10 and 18 years old. Through these programs, we teach important life lessons like Respect, Patience, Persistence, Courage, Responsibility, and Pride. 

Chill works with youth from low-income communities, juvenile justice, mental health, drug treatment, transitional housing, foster care, and after-school programs to overcome challenges they are facing in their everyday lives.


We are happy to announce that we are returning to Liberty Mountain Resort, in Carroll Valley, PA for our eighth season! We are very thankful of how wonderful the staff and administration are for our programming.


We are gearing up to start our Fall skate session for both DC and Baltimore this October! If you are interested in helping with our upcoming programming, you can take the first step to getting involved here: volunteer!


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Announcing the Sebass Classic- in memory of Sebastian dvorak

We are honored to help announce the first annual Sebass Classic! This memorial golf tournament takes place on September 29, 2017 at Hillendale County Club in Phoenix, MD. Proceeds will support Chill DC/Baltimore as well as other Baltimore based non profits focusing on youth. There will be food, beverages, and the chance for prizes throughout the day, so come enjoy 18 holes of golf "Sebass" style and support The Sebass Foundation's support of Baltimore City sports programs dedicated to building character, leadership and a sense of responsibility to self and others. More information is available here: Sebass Classic

I learned to be proud of everything you do and not to have any regrets about learning something new.
— Chill Snow Participant

Our Host Mountain

Liberty Mountain Resort

Chill DC/Baltimore is stoked to partner with Liberty Mountain Resort again for the 2017 season!

We use our time on the ride up to the Liberty Mountain Resort to introduce the weekly theme through an activity, and reinforce the concept during our time on the mountain. This structure allows participants to make meaningful connections to the curriculum while experiencing the innate joy of snowboarding.

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Josh Kidwell, DC/Baltimore Program Coordinator | joshuak@chill.org

Josh Kidwell was born and raised in Annapolis, MD, and currently resides in Edgewater, MD. Josh holds a B.A. in English Language & Literature and is currently finishing his M.S. in Sports Analytics & Management from American University. He spent three years as a middle school teacher and five years as a youth sports coach. Favorite boardsport? Either snowboarding or longboarding. Favorite place to ride? Wisp Resort in Deep Creek Lake, MD. First CD? Enema of the State - Blink 182.