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About Chill

Why Does Chill Exist?

Chill exists to ensure youth have the skills and experiences to become mindful, independent, and resilient individuals who are able to take on new challenges and welcome growth opportunities; to bridge the boardsport and outdoor opportunity gaps and foster a sense of belonging within a cool, authentic, and alternative culture; and to create inclusive space and meaningful experiences for all youth, while being mindful of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic background, and other intersecting identities.

How Does Chill Achieve This?

Revolving around a core value-driven curriculum, Chill programs consist of experiential learning activities, reflection, and discussion, paired with board sport lessons. Chill’s six core values provide youth with a foundation and framework for learning and growth, supported and enhanced through on-board progression and adult mentorship. Chill strives to remove barriers to accessing boardsports by providing participants with everything they need to get after it, at absolutely no cost. New skills gained through boardsport progression and core-value exploration are then directly applied to everyday life, challenging youth to step out of their comfort zone – both on and off their board.

More About Chill

Chill Programs

Learn more about our approach, various program structures, and the boardsports included in our programs.

A group at Chill snow program, posing with their agency lead.

Chill's Story

Dive deeper into our history, values, and the philosophy Chill is built on.

An instructor helps a Chill youth on their snowboard

Chill Locations

Check out our complete program locations list, find your local site, and connect with it's Chill staff member.

Chill mentor helping a youth on their skateboard.

Chill Media

Get an inside look by checking out our blog. You can also check out vimeo.com/chillfoundation.

Chill in your Store

Below you will find additional resources to aid in talking to customers about Chill, answering questions, and approaching the topic of donations.

Q: Would you like to donate to Chill’s transformative youth-development boardsports programs?

  • A: No thank you

  • Follow up: Even a small amount goes a long way, would you be willing to round up your purchase?

  • B: Yes, sure

  • Follow up: Great, how much would you like to donate?


Every donation helps and no amount is too small to help youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the joys of snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, or stand-up paddleboarding.

Yes! Since Chill is a 501c3 non-profit organization, donations can be claimed as a deduction on tax returns.


If they would like a receipt to file the deduction, please take their name, email address and donation amount and email the information to chill@chill.org. We’ll then issue an electronic receipt.

Please take their name, email address and donation amount and email the information to chill@chill.org. We’ll then issue an electronic receipt.

Chill was founded by Jake and Donna Carpenter, the founders of Burton Snowboards. Donna is our chair for Chill’s board of directors. Chill is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization headquartered at Burton HQ and is an important part of the company’s social responsibility mission.

Chill headquarters are located in Burlington, VT, USA, and we currently run programs in 23 cities in 9 countries across the globe.

We work with social service agencies, mental health agencies, foster care programs, juvenile justice programs, schools, and other existing youth agencies in local communities to select youth participants from 11-19 years old.

Chill strives to remove all barriers to accessing boardsports by providing youth with everything they need to get after it, at absolutely no cost.

If a customer expresses interest in getting involved with Chill, please direct them to chill.org/get-involved.


There they will find links and info about volunteering, getting their youth agency involved with programs, providing sponsorship support, attending events, and available Chill career positions.

Please direct them to chill.org/contact-us.


There they will find general contact info as well as a link to our staff directory.

Chills accepts lightly used gear. Please e-mail AidenG@Chill.org with photos of your gear to see if it’s something we can accept for program needs.

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Interested in Other Ways to Work With Chill?