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A Statement From Chill Senior Leadership Team on Recent Supreme Court Decisions

Content Warning: This topic may activate trauma and/or be sensitive to some individuals depending on identities and/or lived experiences.   

Dear Chill family,  

We are deeply troubled by many of the recent United States Supreme Court decisions that will disproportionately impact the families and communities that Chill works to support. Approximately 65% of Chill youth identify as BIPOC, and many come from lower income households. The Supreme Court’s decisions to abolish a federal right to abortion (overturning of Roe v. Wade), restrict states’ abilities to enact gun safety laws in public spaces (NYSRPA v. Bruen), disregard tribal sovereignty in criminal prosecution cases (Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta), and limit the EPA’s power to fight climate change (West VA v. EPA), will all have profound immediate and future impacts on the communities in which our youth live, and on members of our Chill team and their families. We stand in opposition to these decisions, which will further deepen racial, gender, social and class inequities across the Unites States. 

As a youth development organization committed to advancing equity, Chill understands we have an important role to play in fighting for social, economic, racial and climate justice. We remain committed to supporting our youth, elevating their voices, doing our part to end racial oppression, and standing in allyship and solidarity with BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+ and lower income communities. We also stand with those working to increase safety from gun violence and to preserve the outdoor spaces we operate in. We believe the recent Supreme Court decisions referenced above are counter-productive to progress being made to break down oppressive institutions and address the historical legacy of inequality in the United States. 

 As an organization, Chill is committed to promoting healthcare equity, reproductive choice, and ensuring that all of our team members and their families have the care they need, when they need it. We are grateful that as part of our partnership with Burton, Chill is able to provide healthcare coverage which includes reimbursements for employees and family members who are forced to travel to obtain reproductive health services due to home state-imposed restrictions. 

 In Solidarity,  

 Chill Senior Leadership Team  

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