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Skating at Home: Tips, Tricks, and Getting Started

Part of the beauty of skateboarding is it’s relative simplicity, minimal amount of necessary equipment, and massive availability of skateable terrain. Don’t get us wrong, skating is definitely not an easy sport to master, but it’s easy to start doing, it only requires that you have a board (and helmet), and you can do it literally anywhere there’s a heard surface. Honestly, you don’t actually even have to have a hard surface to have fun on a skateboard as long as you have some open space, a little creativity, and the desire to learn.

So what do all these things mean for you, right now, chilling at home like the responsible member of society you are? They mean that skateboarding is pretty much the perfect boardsport for you! Whether you already skate, have always wanted to get started, just miss doing other things you enjoy, need some exercise and movement in your life, are looking for a fun challenge, or are just downright bored; skating at home could be the answer!

If you’re interested in some tips to help you get started skating at home, our good friends from SKATEYOGI in Brooklyn, NY put together some awesome videos to help you out. Check them out below, head over to their website (skateyogi.com), and visit their YouTube channel for even more how-to videos.



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