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Showing Up and Making Space During Pride (And All Year Round!)

Everything we do at Chill revolves around providing intentional experiences that lead to learning and growth. A critical factor in supporting this growth is the assurance of safe and inclusive space. The norms we have created and committed to within our programs and operations enhance the experience provided for our LGBTQIA youth and allies and strengthen our mission delivery as a whole. In addition to our six core values, our program philosophy, and our challenge by choice culture, these practices set our LGBTQIA youth up for success and celebrates their unique expression and individuality.

Gender Equity – We strive for gender equity across all programs and ask agencies to intentionally recruit youth from gender minorities to fill half of their agency spots, using our Gender Recruitment Tips as a resource and guide.

Pronouns – Pronouns are linguistic tools that we use to refer to people. (i.e. they/them/theirs, she/her/hers, and he/him/his). We believe that it is important to give people the opportunity to state the pronoun that is correct to use when referring to them. We share pronouns on name tags and in intros at the beginning of program.

Non-gendered group names – Gender-neutral terms that are used to refer to people without specifying their gender. Addressing a group in a way that makes everyone feel included.

Chosen names – Recognizing that individuals may use a name other than their legal, given name. A chosen name may be an important part of someone’s identity, and we respect and use that name for each individual.

Accommodations – Changes that remove barriers and provide individuals with enhanced, equitable access to learning. Accommodations help people work around their challenges and change “how” they are learning something, not “what” they are learning.

Forgoing Assumptions – Assumptions are unexamined internal beliefs we hold about people, identities, situations or intentions. They are often based on things we accept as true, that haven’t been thought about critically. When we for-go assumptions, we allow opportunity for connection and learning from each other, we can access new and different perspectives, we can be more creative, we can have healthy conflict, and we can increase our confidence.

Allyship – To enter into and build an alliance. A willingness to act with and for others in pursuit of ending oppression and creating equity. An ally takes action to create institutional change, they challenge their own discomfort and prejudices, and they educate themselves about different identities and experiences.

Safe Space – A place or environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm.

Opportunities to Self-Identify – On our paperwork we ask for Identifying Gender (select all that apply), and provide 5 different options: Female, Male, Non-Binary, Transgender, and Additional Gender Category (write-in).

Sharing Our Impact – We report percentage of youth who identify as LGBTQ+ (yes/no/unsure/questioning) to share with donors, agencies, volunteers, and supporters.

Pride was started by trans and gender non-conforming folks of color. Chill stands in allyship and solidarity with the black and LGBTQ+ youth, families, and communities we serve.

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