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Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Dear Chill Community,

We need radical change to happen today, so that future generations of tomorrow can live in a world that values equity, respect, and active anti-racism. The issues of racial injustice that black folks, people of color, and youth in our communities face has been spotlighted this past week, showcasing how alive systemic racism has been in our society.

This is a call-out to everyone in our community: locally, nationally and globally; especially to those who hold white privilege. Take it upon yourself to seek education, to listen more, and to actively dismantle racist beliefs, so that you can productively play a part in creating the future we want to see for our youth participants.

As an organization that is white-led and centered around access to boardsports (all very white-represented sports), the majority of youth we serve are not represented. We recognize that we need to change this dynamic. Chill will collectively take internal steps to examine our anti-oppression processes, and publicly take external steps to be accountable, while amplifying BIPOC youth voices.  We have an opportunity to use our privilege as strong allies, and root our beliefs in equity and solidarity, while also working to better reflect the youth we serve in our leaders, mentors, partners, and ambassadors.

We are committed. Black lives matter.



“Chill stands in allyship and solidarity with the black youth, families, and communities we serve. We are committed to listening, learning and unlearning, and using our privilege to create systemic change. We will continue to educate ourselves on anti-racism, and we will continue to push for diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoors, in boardsports, and in youth development.”

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