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Now We Act

Chill is committing to centering our work around racial equity and anti-oppression practices. We want to be held accountable for this work. In the coming weeks, we will be working on the following actionable steps to re-work some internal and external processes.

Chill’s imperative racial equity steps:

  1. Identify, support and partner with more BIPOC companies. Timeline TBD.

  2. Commit to the education of anti-oppression and anti-racism at all levels of our programming, organization, and partnerships. Participate in immediate workshops and trainings this summer, to truly dig deeper into unpacking our whiteness and privilege, and how we can best support BIPOC communities. We hope to translate this into continuous training, with an understanding that racial equity work is a priority.

  3. Diversify our hiring, recruitment, and training practices for the next roles we are hiring for this summer (and beyond). Change critical job description language, reach out to recruit BIPOC individuals, and have paid BIPOC diversity and inclusion consultants help advise.

  4. Further seek mentors, partnerships, Chill reps and ambassadors who reflect the communities we serve. Provide space, time, and trainings, to have conversations with these communities to create lasting impact.  This will be an ongoing effort starting today.

  5. Create social justice change in our boardsport communities (snow, surf, SUP and skate) by hearing from and amplifying our youth BIPOC voices from our programs; especially them doing rad things on boards! This starts with a re-work of our marketing focus, which will be an ongoing effort starting today.

  6. Provide more opportunity for justice work by increasing and elevating opportunities for “Life after Chill” and Explore programs, to creating lasting opportunity for youth. We will start with our snowboard program and build from there. This will start to happen this winter 2021.

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