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It’s Go Skateboarding Day!

On June 21st, skateboarders around the globe will celebrate the start of summer with a celebration of  skateboarding! We’ve put together a short list of ways you can participate in one of our favorite growing holidays:

1. Clean up your local skate park

A clean skate park is a better skate park. Public skate parks are a shared space, and we all need to do our part to keep them in good shape so we can enjoy it for years to come. You can double up on the fun and join the #trashtag challenge by carrying an extra bag with you to pick up litter and other trash you see in the area. Be an example for all the little groms at the park and leave it better than you found it.

2. Support your local skate shop

We wouldn’t have been able to expand our skateboarding programs into many of our cities if not for the partnership and support of the local shop offering instruction, gear, and/or space to make it happen. If you’re able, make it a point to buy from them when you need new grip tape or trucks- you’ll be supporting a local business in your community and helping keep the lights on.

3. It’s a method of self-expression

Skateboards are an awesome way to express yourself without words! Chill partners with Bucketboard and Roarockit in several of our cities where participants can build out custom skateboard decks they take with them at the end of program, giving them a chance to show off their personality and continue the sport after program wraps.

4. Get out there and skate!

Go explore a new park, make new friends, and soak up some Vitamin D. Be an ambassador for the sport we all love, get out there and skate.

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