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How Snowboarding Shaped Me


My name is Mark Sollors and I am a professional snowboarder on Burton Snowboards’ Global Team. I am also a passionate supporter of The Chill Foundation and their mission to inspire youth to overcome challenges through boardsports. I am writing today to ask you to join me in supporting Chill’s youth-development programs by making a donation today.

In 1993 my family moved away from Vancouver, Canada, and we ended up in a small town in the heart of British Columbia. It was after this move that I was introduced to the mountains and snowboarding. The timing coincided with a pivotal point in my life and snowboarding quickly became my escape from the stress of a large family, where each child was searching for their own identity. My time on my snowboard taught me independence, focus, and to reach for my goals one step at a time.

For me, snowboarding provides freedom. The feeling of cool, fresh air on your face as you ride down a mountain or clearing your mind and taking in the natural beauty of the places that boardsports take you. These experiences are a world away from the challenges that Chill youth face in their day-to-day lives. It was in these moments in which I discovered my personal identity, and I firmly believe that every youth should have access to these experiences that I have been fortunate enough to build a life and career from.

Chill’s snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and stand-up paddleboarding programs inspire youth to overcome their personal challenges by providing them with moments to learn core values such as patience, persistence, responsibility, courage, respect, and pride. Chill introduces youth to the culture of boardsports and encourages individuality, adventure, and personal growth all within a healthy, active community. For all these reasons, I support Chill, and hope you will too.

To date, Chill has positively impacted the lives of more than 22,000 youth throughout North America, and the Foundation continues to grow every year thanks to the generosity of new donors like you. Please join me today with a gift for a Chill participant. Thank you in advance for supporting The Chill Foundation – An organization that I care so much about!


Mark Sollors
Professional Snowboarder
Chill Supporter & Ambassador

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