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Chill History


• Jake and Donna began The Burton Foundation in 1995 in Burlington at Bolton Valley

• The program becomes more structured and runs with about 10 local groups at Bolton Valley Resort two nights a week for 8 weeks

• The Burton’s HR Department and Jake’s assistant ran the program


• Seattle is launched at The Summit at Snoqualmie

• Carl Bachman is hired as director of the program from Burlington. Carl is a teacher by trade and was a “Chill” Agency Lead during the ‘95 season

• Thomas Caldwell, from Seattle, volunteers to ride with the youth. He is the first pseudo local coordinator for “Chill”


• The Burton Foundation is established as a private operating foundation and registered as a 501c3 charitable non-profit

• Boston is launched at Wachusett Mountain• Carl continues to try to raise money to take the strain off of Burton

• Volunteers in all three cities are running the program locally, but a local coordinator in each city is hired and paid a stipend for their efforts• The programs name is changed to “Chill” after one of Burton’s very first videos


• NYC is launched at Sterling Forest

• Burton decides that the best way to enable continued growth of Chill is to find new sources of support

• Jenn Davis comes on-board as the director in October having been the Boot Product Manager of Burton since the late 80’s


• Seattle program moves to Steven’s Pass

• Chill’s first year at the US Open; coordinators from NYC and Boston bring a carload of youth


• Los Angeles is launched at Snow Valley

• Chill brings three youth from each of the five cities to the US Open. Southwest Airlines and Mitsubishi Motors are both integral in making that happen


• Chicago is launched at the Raging Buffalo


• Seattle program moves back to The Summit at Snoqualmie

• Salt Lake City and Washington D.C. are launched at Brighton and Whitetail Resort respectively. This is the first time Chill launches more than one city in one season!


• Toronto is launched at Snow Valley Resort

• First year of the weekly themes

• First year of the National Chill Golf Tournament


• New York moves from Sterling Forest to Mountain Creek

• Chill brings 30 youth to the US Open


• Chill’s official ten-year anniversary season!

• Vancouver and Denver are launched at Cypress Mountain and Keystone Resort respectively


• Portland and Prince George are launched at Timberline and Tabor Mountain!

• Baltimore is added as one of the four nights in the DC program

• Michele Boguslofski becomes the new Director of Chill

• The Los Angeles program moves from Snow Valley to Bear Mountain


• The Chicago program moves from Raging Buffalo to Four Lakes

• Chill runs programs in Australia for the first year


• Chill announces its future expansion plans into Skate, Surf, and SUP

• The DC/Baltimore program moves to Wisp Mountain

• The LA program moves to Mt. High

• Katherine McConnell joins the team as Chill’s new Director

• Chill runs programs in Austria for the first year


• The Denver program moves to Echo Mountain

• Chill runs programs in Pila, Italy for the first year


• The Vancouver program moves to Mount Seymour

• Chill makes program reductions bringing operations to two nights per week in most cities

• Chill’s official fifteen-year anniversary season!• June Heston joins the Chill team as Executive Director


• The DC/Baltimore program moves to Liberty Mountain Resort


• Chill is no longer able to financially support the Prince George program

• Burlington becomes the first year-round site, offering both snow and skate and fundraising locally

• The Local Manager role is created, a full time position split between local fundraising and programming for full time sites


• NYC, Portland, Seattle, and LA become full time sites

• NYC launches Surf program


• Denver moves back to seasonal and switches to Loveland Resort• Chicago moves to full time• Burlington launches SUP program• LA and Seattle launch Skate


• Vancouver, Toronto, and Salt Lake City move to full time sites• Portland and LA launch Surf programs• Chicago, NYC, and Toronto launch Skate• Chicago moves to Grand Geneva Resort


• Alex Bornstein comes on as Executive Director

• Boston and DC/Baltimore become full time sites

• Salt Lake City and LA become seasonal sites

• Vancouver moves back to Cypress Mountain

• Denver, DC, Boston, and Vancouver run first skate programs

• Boston, Seattle, Chicago, and Vancouver launch SUP programs


• Chill changes it’s organizational structure to create discrete focus on programs and development, moving away from the local manager model• Chill launches 4 new “pop-up” sites with Miami Skate, Detroit Skate, San Francisco Surf, Reno Snow (only Reno and Detroit take-off)

• Boston, Portland, and DC/Baltimore move to part-time year-round program status

• Boston launches Surf program

• Portland launches Skate


• Seattle moves to a part time year-round program status

• Vancouver and Burlington run first ever ALPs programs. Vancouver includes avalanche awareness training/certification and backcountry splitboarding clinic in Whistler. Burlington includes freestyle and all-mountain coaching at Sugarbush

• Chill Discover Programs launch as introductory/custom programs to introduce agencies and youth to Chill’s model through an abbreviated program. Skate and SUP Discover programs run in Boston, Vancouver, Burlington, Chicago, and Seattle

• Boston goes full time with 3 snow programs (1 in Manchester NH)


• West Michigan launches with snow program at Cannonsburg

• Burlington goes full time with 3 snow programs (Bolton and Stowe)

• Chill holds an in-person Summit in VT for the first time in 3 years


• Burlington, Vancouver, and Toronto go full time• DC/Baltimore, SLC, and LA move to part time year round• Toronto and DC/Baltimore run SUP programs for the first time• West Michigan and Reno launch skate programs

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