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Chill Coloring Book

With many businesses and public areas closed, it’s not easy to enjoy the boardsports we all love right now. If you’ve been dreaming of curling waves at night, staring longingly at your snowboard leaning in the corner, and devouring hours of skate videos on Instagram, we may have just what you need to fill some time, have some fun, and bring a little taste of boardsports back into your life.

Below you’ll find the fist ever Chill coloring book, complete with four pages of boardsport-themed designs just waiting for you to add your own creative touch. You can download/save the entire book as a PDF document or each page as an individual JPG image, then just print it out at home and get to work with crayons, markers, paints, colored pencils, stickers, glitter, or anything else you want to use!

If you’d like to share your completed art with us, take a photo of it, post it to Instagram or Facebook, and tag @ChillFoundation along with #ChillAtHome. We’d love to see it!


2 skateboarders drawn in a coloring book

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