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A Surprise from Bustin Boards

Here at Chill, every program is designed to make boardsports accessible to the young people who participate. Of our four boardsports, skateboarding especially stands out in its ease of access and widely available terrain. If you have a board and a hard surface, you can skate! This past November, NYC-based Bustin Boards stepped in and made sure the youth in the Chill Baltimore skate program had everything they needed to keep the shred alive.

A few days prior to the end of program, Joshua Kidwell, Chill Baltimore Coordinator, announced that all participants were going to receive a surprise gift on their last day, but left the details a mystery. Little did they know, Bustin Boards had generously donated brand new, complete skateboards for every single one of them to take home.

On the final morning, Josh and a couple dedicated volunteers arrived early and assembled the complete decks. Once everyone arrived and gathered, Josh called up each youth participant and spoke about the amazing progress they’d made throughout the six-week program. They picked out their new board and new Pro-Tec helmet, and immediately began cruising the park, stoked on the progression they’d be able to continue after Chill wrapped.

From there, the final day of skate program kicked off as usual, but with a new energy and excitement. “They were all absolutely stoked and in shock,” Josh said. “Nearly every single youth came up to me and thanked me for the chance to participate and receive a new board just for them. It was an awesome way to end the skate program!”

Bustin Boards also made a similar donation to the Chill NYC program, and we’d like to sincerely thank them for their generosity! If you’d like more info, or to check out their awesome, unique boards, visit bustinboards.com



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