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Vancouver, BC
Mandi Parkes, Local Manager
Snow, Skate, SUP

Seattle, WA
Jessica Alvarado-Lepine, Local Manager
Snow, Skate, SUP

Portland, OR
Patrick Orr, Local Manager
Snow, Skate, Surf/SUP

Los Angeles, CA
Neev Zaiet, Local Manager
Skate, Surf


Salt Lake City, UT
Snow, Skate

Denver, CO
Mike Smith, Local Manager
Snow, Skate


Chicago, IL
Liz Heitzinger, Local Manager
Snow, Skate, SUP


Burlington, VT
Zack Engler, Local Manager
Snow, Skate, SUP

Toronto, ON
Alistair Thompson, Local Manager
Snow, Skate

Boston, MA
Melissa Pennington, Local Manager
Snow, Skate, SUP

New York, NY
Jesse Wilson, Local Manager
Snow, Skate, Surf

Rob Kiger, Local Manager
Snow, Skate


Our International Partners

chill czech.jpg


Chill has affiliate programs running in Austria and the Czech Republic, taking  youth who would not otherwise have the chance to the mountains to experience the innate joys of snowboarding. 



Burton Australia and the Australian Indigenous Alpine Sport Foundation provide the opportunity for 20 indigenous kids to experience snowboarding for the first time. The program is designed to use snowboarding as a medium to build self-esteem, encourage attendance at school and teach life skills to underserved kids.

Chill Japan.JPG


Working with youth from the Tohoku region, Chill Japan runs a seasonal snowboarding program with approximately 150 participants. Many still live in temporary housing, lost parents in or were displaced by the Fukushima nuclear reactor accident. Like our other international programs, Chill Japan works closely with Burton Japan. 

Chill made me proud of myself for getting this far. 
 I think I would take up any other challenge the world 
 has to offer me.