reconnect with chill

“I will never forget my Chill experience as a participant. I would have never dreamed of snowboarding because it was too expensive for us, we had no way to get out to the mountains, and it is just something we were not exposed to in our neighborhood.”

As Chill enters its 22nd year of programming, we've grown our network of alumni to more than 21,000 people throughout North America. While cleaning out some archives, we found lots of old photos from the last twenty years, and have begun sharing them on social media with the hashtags #ChillAlumni and #StillChill. What we discovered was a vast network of past participants wanting to share with everyone at Chill the impact the program had on them. We've decided to make a place where past participants can connect with Chill and each other, and we need your help to keep it growing.  

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