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Chill San Francisco is launching our first pop-up skate program for the fall 2017 season! Through these programs, we teach important life lessons like Respect, Patience, Persistence, Courage, Responsibility, and Pride.

Chill works with youth from low-income communities, juvenile justice, mental health, drug treatment, transitional housing, foster care, and after-school programs to overcome challenges they are facing in their everyday lives.


I have to keep on trying to better myself and always keep on pushing the envelope, no matter how heavy that envelope is
— Chill surf participant



Our surf partner

Adventure Out

Chill San Francisco is stoked to partner with Adventure Surf for the inaugural 2017 season!

We use our time on the beach before the surf lesson to introduce the weekly theme through an activity, and reinforce the concept during our time on in the water and on the board. This structure allows participants to make meaningful connections to the curriculum while experiencing the innate joy of boardsports.

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Kendra Bills, Program Coordinator