PYD Outcomes

Through participation in Chill, we strive for youth to gain more resilience, confidence, and a better understanding of their true self.

  • Step out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone

  • Build and practice leadership skills

  • Develop an anything-is-possible attitude

  • Understand and practice healthy risk taking

  • Accomplish a sense of belonging within the Chill community.

  • Build and utilize a set of positive core values

  • Expand their sense of self and awareness

  • Build positive peer and adult relationships

  • Gain a broadened perspective of their surroundings and their options for the future

  • Expand and improve participation in other agency/community programming

  • Have fun and get after it on a board!

To facilitate this growth, we invite youth to…

  • Step out of their comfort zone

  • Have an open mind and positive attitude

  • Take healthy risks

  • Be here, be safe, and set goals

  • Meet new people

  • Give respect and support to others

  • Connect with and care for the natural environment

  • Show up every day, even when it’s hard

  • Appreciate the opportunity that Chill provides…Get stoked!