Support Chill This Holiday Season!

update: WE DID IT!

Right now, Chill has the tremendous opportunity to secure a $50,000 matching gift from an anonymous donor if we raise $50,000 by December 31, 2018.  

Every dollar donated ensures that we reach our $50,000 goal, providing a total of $100,000 for Chill youth. Double your impact with a gift today and ensure that more youth have the opportunity to overcome challenges through boardsports. All gifts received online or postmarked by December 31st will go towards this goal.

Bo Twiggs, a member of Chill’s Board of Directors and the Agency Lead for participants attending Chill programs from a restorative justice center in Vermont, talked to us recently about the impact he’s witnessed throughout the various roles he’s had with Chill over the years. Bo gave a heartfelt testimonial at our annual golf tournament, and stopped by to chat about some of his experiences with Chill, and why boardsports make a difference.

$51,197 raised as of december 31st!


Listen to Bo talk about why boardsports work and what sets Chill’s programming apart.

Board Member Bo tells us about how he got started with Chill and the impact he’s seen.

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