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Alistair Thomson, Regional Manager |

Alistair is originally from Brantford, ON and currently resides in Toronto.  With a background in Education, Alistair holds a B.A. in English from McMaster University, B.Ed from York University, and certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.  Favorite boardsport? Snowboarding.  Favorite place to ride? A super-secret spot (his backyard, with a homemade riglet park for his kids. Lift lines are never too long!). Alistair’s first CD? Blink 182 – Enema of the State.


Bree Oda, Toronto Program Coordinator |

Bree was born in Etobicoke, Canada and can currently be found in Toronto. She spent her early adult years in Montreal, Quebec where she attended Concordia University and studied French and Political Science. Favorite boardsport? If she had to choose, it would be a tie between snow and skate. Favorite place to ride? Whistler, BC. Favorite place to skate? Skate Loft, an indoor park in Toronto. Bree’s first tape? New Kids On The Block (reluctantly passed down from her older sisters).