independent contractors Overview

Welcome! We are stoked to have you instructing at our Chill programs. Below you will find instructions on how to become an independent contractor for Chill.


  1. Fill out application Independent Contractor Registration

  2. Complete the Chill background check (good for both the US and Canada)

  3. Sign Independent Contractor Agreement (this will be received via email)

  4. Post-program: submit the Independent Contractor Payment Request along with W-9.


Chill Job Responsibilities

  1. Lead instructor for beginner youth board program (10-15 youth)

  2. Collaborate and be supported by 1-3 program mentors, 1-2 agency leads & a Chill program facilitator each day

  3. Develop a lesson plan each day that reflects youth abilities

  4. Bring a positive attitude & be conscious of youth challenges

  5. Be creative in lesson layout (include progression games and fun ways to learn new techniques)




  • Have lesson plan prepared for each group, each day

  • Plan should include progressions, flexibility and interactive games

  • Show up on-time prepared to teach with own equipment (including helmet, which can be provided)

  • Use a combination of verbal and visual instruction to support different learning strengths

Experience & Skills

  • 5+ years skateboarding/stand up paddle boarding

  • Intermediate to advanced level rider with understanding of equipment maintenance/paddle techniques and how to exit and get back on the SUP board

  • Ability to lesson plan, coordinate groups, and provide flexibility in individual progression

  • Ability to work with a variety of skill levels & youth challenges

  • Experience working with youth aged 10-18

  • Exceptional communication skills with the ability to collaborate with the Chill Program Facilitator and provide clear direction for volunteers

  • Highly organized, with experience working independently & managing time efficiently

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