Changing Lives

Learn how Chill evaluates program effectiveness and get the data to back it up!


Outcomes-based evaluation (OBE)

Chill’s programming is based on a positive youth development (PYD) approach that is strengths-based and prepares youth to understand and promote their own positive development. Chill focuses on drawing out a youth’s potential, rather than correcting or treating behaviors, providing physical and mental challenges that result in immediate positive outcomes, while contributing long-term to the effectiveness of the youth’s various support systems.

The OBE survey is administered to Chill youth participants during the final program week. It has been designed to lead youth to reflect on their time with Chill and to gauge the short-term effectiveness of Chill’s program, including the individual youth’s understanding of Chill’s six themes and the perceived impact those themes will have on the youth’s future. The following percentages reflect the positive growth felt by Chill participants, as reported by answering the questions below from the OBE survey, some of which are below.

chaperone survey

All agency partners provide chaperones that accompany their participants to Chill programs. Chaperones are integral to ensuring Chill participants enjoy the best possible Chill experience. The Chaperone Survey is administered to all chaperones post-program to gain their unique perspective on Chill’s impact on their specific participants.

chap data for web.png

program scorecard for web.png

program scorecard

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