Chill Talking Points


Talking Points – Updated April 2019

The ask at the register:

Q. Would you like to donate to Chill’s transformative youth-development boardsports programs?

  • A: No thank you

  • Follow up: Even a small amount goes a long way, would you be willing to round up your purchase?

  • B: Yes, sure

  • Follow up: Great, how much would you like to donate?

Chill’s program philosophy: Ride. Inspire. Lead. What does “Ride. Inspire. Lead.” mean? Click here to learn more.

Chill’s link to Burton:

Chill was founded by Jake and Donna Carpenter, the founders of Burton. Jake and Donna are the co-chairs of Chill’s board of directors. Chill is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization headquartered at Burton HQ and is an important part of the company’s social responsibility mission.