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Chill Boston has big news! We are now a year-round youth development program. Since the Chill Foundation launched the Boston location in 1997, roughly 950 youth have been given the opportunity to unique physical activity and positive guidance to better their current situations. After 19 years of operating a seasonal snowboard program, Chill Boston has demonstrated the need and community support to expand the site to year-round. This expansion involves implementing SUP, surf, and skate programs. The expansion will allow Chill Boston to reach more underserved youth in the Greater Boston Area.


Chill Boston is stoked to once again be at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA. We use our time on the ride up to the mountain to introduce the weekly theme through an activity, and reinforce the concept during our time on the mountain. 


Chill Boston just wrapped our first skate program! It was held at the Lynch Family Skatepark, a project of the Charles River Conservancy. Now that we are a year-round program, we look forward to many more days dropping in this rad new park. 


In August, Chill Boston will be partnering with Levitate Surf Shop to offer a 6-week surf program in Hull, Massachusetts! We're stoked to be running a full surf program for the first time this year. 

Stand-up Paddleboard 

Our first SUP program took place this past summer, and it was a huge hit! We couldn't have done it without help from Charles River Canoe and Kayak and a great new crew of volunteers and chaperones. 


The Latest from Chill Boston




Our first ever Chill Boston full surf program was launched this summer at Levitate in Hull, MA. 


CHill Boston Skate Prorgam spring 2017

Our first-ever spring/summer skate program is in full swing at Lynch Family Skate Park in Boston. Thank you Nick Pacino for coming out once again to take these amazing photos!


Chill Boston Snow Program winter 2017 

Our Impact
Another year of Chill Boston snowboard program has come to a close. What a great season we had at Wachusett Mountain, with over 70 youth joining us this year. Hear what the Chill Boston community had to say about this season: 

What impact have you seen with your youth who participate with Chill Boston:
-Increased self-confidence, making new friends, and laughing!
-Increased resiliency; interest in communities outside of their own place of residence; work ethic increase; increase in fitness
-I have seen an increase in positive behavior in my students at school and have also witnessed students become closer friends and more understanding of their peers who are different from them.
-They have really become more talkative, more confident in their abilities and overall more lively. They come back each week with more excitement, and a willingness to get better
-Our time management skills have improved. We developed more patience as well. They generally seem happier, more confident, and are proud of themselves
-One student (who was coming down the hill with a volunteer named Jared) was DETERMINED to make it down on his own. It took him almost the full hour to make it down the hill, and it wasn't without a few bruises, but he REFUSED to give up... and he made it! I was so impressed by how much commitment this kid had!

Favorite Quotes:
"I never gave up. I just kept going no matter what." | "I just want to push myself because it's your last week and we have to do it big" | "Did you fall?" "Tons! LETS DO IT AGAIN!" | "I can't believe I did it!" | "That was the best run of my life!" 

Favorite part of Chill Boston Snow:
-The kids going up the lift
-Seeing how excited the kids get as they start to link their turns and them feeling "I did it!"
-I love the bus rides back! They give students the chance to share their voices and be leaders in their own right while also recognizing work ethic and the community.
-The noticeable impact on the youth
-They love getting out of the city and into the mountains. This program has had a profound and lasting impact on the quality of their lives. It has given them added motivation to be successful in their studies at school so they remain eligible to participate in the program. Thank you so much for providing this awesome opportunity for our kids!!!
-I think the program is a huge eye opener to these kids. When they come to the mountain each week its not only a fun activity and a good way to leave their worries at home, they are creating a safe place in their life
-The kids are so excited to come every week and the dividends are apparent in school