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Author: Jon Holewinski

Chill Coloring Book

With many businesses and public areas closed, it’s not easy to enjoy the boardsports we all love right now. If you’ve been dreaming of curling waves at night, staring longingly

Thank You Letters to the Frontline Workers

During these unparalleled, and honestly pretty scary times, most of us have a social responsibility to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by staying home and staying safe; but not

Core. Discover. Explore.

As our community has grown, so have our programs, and with that has come the next evolution of Chill. Through the introduction and rebranding of our Core, Discover, Explore (and

Gratitude: The Unofficial 7th Core Value

Mary Hodorowicz is a long-time Chill champion and program volunteer as well as one of the newest members of our Board of Directors. The following is her reflection on her

A Surprise from Bustin Boards

Here at Chill, every program is designed to make boardsports accessible to the young people who participate. Of our four boardsports, skateboarding especially stands out in its ease of access

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