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As Chill’s first program outside of Vermont (est. 1999), Chill Seattle has a rich history of volunteer and agency involvement.  In 2012, Chill Seattle hosted its first ShredFest fundraiser, continuing the tradition again in 2013, 2014, and 2016.

Through snowboarding, skateboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding, Chill Seattle teaches important life lessons like Respect, Patience, Persistence, Courage, Responsibility, and Pride.

We work with youth from low-income communities, juvenile justice, mental health, drug treatment, transitional housing, foster care, and after-school programs to overcome challenges they are facing in their everyday lives.


Located at Stevens Pass, our Chill Seattle program brings gear, instruction, and epic turns to our participants. Getting out of the city and into the mountains is a completely new and eye-opening experience for Chill youth.  


Chill Seattle’s Skate program takes place at All Together Skate, downstairs from evo’s Fremont store. This is one of Chill’s longest standing skate programs and has been a gateway for many youth to fall in love with a sport that can be done, well, anywhere.

Stand-Up PaddleBoard

Chill Seattle SUP took off in the summer of 2016 with the awesome support of Urban Surf, providing both equipment and instruction. Exploring Seattle’s waterways has opened up a whole new world to Chill Seattle youth, not to mention a whole new meaning to the word “balance”. 


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meet jessica alvarado Lepine, chill seattle manager

Originally from a small little town at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains in California, Jess grew up chasing down her two older brothers whether that be on bikes, longboards, surfboards or snowboards. She moved to Washington at 18-years-old for college in Bellingham, WA and never looked back. She's a self-proclaimed PNW lifer. 

Prior to joining Chill, Jess worked in the action sports industry for a hot minute launching the nationwide theatrical release of Let it Ride – The Craig Kelly Story. Being the first job she held out of college it showed her you could combine your passion for snowboarding with your career. After completing Let it Ride she switched gears and made a jump into the world of face-to-face fundraising. For close to 7 years she helped some of the world’s leading humanitarian relief organizations acquire monthly donors giving them the stable funding they needed to be successful. While Jess loved knowing she was making a positive impact around the world, she found herself wanting to give back to those right here in her community. Having volunteered with several youth development programs in the Seattle area, Jess is beyond stoked to be joining the Chill crew, running the show in Seattle.

Reach out to Jess to welcome her aboard, learn more about Chill Seattle, or to get involved with our 2017 programs.

Chill Seattle Manager Jessica Alvarado Lepine, playing in the mountains.

Chill Seattle Manager Jessica Alvarado Lepine, playing in the mountains.