About Chill New York City



Chill NYC was established in 1998, three years after Chill’s inception in Burlington, Vermont. Since our first season, Chill NYC has served more than 1,000 youth across New York City. In 2013, Chill NYC launched its inaugural Summer Surf Program. Our goal is to continue to work with more youth across New York City; helping them to build self-esteem and life skills through participation in snowboarding and other boardsports. We believe our program has a transforming effect on how youth view their own potential and the possibilities in their lives.


Located at Mountain Creek, NJ, our on-snow program operates on Tuesday and Wednesday nights with participant pick-up sites in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The entire program is provided at no cost to the youth or agencies involved.



Stay tuned for more exciting news about our upcoming skate program!


Our surf host, Skudin Surf, helps us each summer to show a new group of Chill NYC participants the joys of getting out on the water at Rockaway Beach.  


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chill partners with brooklyn cloth

Our friends at Brooklyn Cloth have stepped up to create custom Chill apparel our participants can wear on the mountain, the water, or at the skate park. We have co-branded bibs and pinnies so our crew stands out wherever we are. We are so excited for this partnership and the increased visibility and awareness it is giving us during our programs throughout North America.